It's our third birthday on the 18th of July. To celebrate, we've been launching all sorts of lovely things. 

Firstly, we brought back some of your favourite ever Baked Blossom bunches to our online store for a limited time. We hope you're as excited as we are to see these bunches return! They will be available until this Sunday 18th July. 

The pastel bunch of dreams featuring an array of beautiful muted stems!
A mix of gorgeous neutrals make up this beautiful bunch with touches of blue, grey and the calming smell of Lavender.

A mix of gorgeous pastel and bright pinks make up this beautiful bunch that would look fab in any room!

The perfect gift to someone who brings a little sunshine to your day or to add a beautiful natural-feeling bunch to your home.


This bunch is inspired by the rich tones of the changing seasons. It's full of rich pinks, purples and browns and brings a gorgeous statement of rich colour into your home.

Another Birthday Surprise...

If these 5 beautiful bunches aren't enough...we have an even bigger treat for you. We've released a special Limited Edition Birthday Dried Baked Blossom Bunch which you can create yourself. Just pick the three colours you'd like your design to be made up of and we'll use this colour palette to create your Baked Blossom bunch. Your bunch will feature a mixture of dried and preserved flowers that have been painted, dyed or are natural in colour. Pretty cool right?! This bunch will be available until midnight on Sunday 18th July. 

Here's a lilac, green and grey version of the bunch for inspiration. 

Thank you for your continued support and loyalty! We wouldn't be celebrating our third birthday without you. We hope you enjoy these very special bunches.
The Happy Blossoms Team x  

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