We thought you would like to know more about our new high summer 2021 collection of bold beautiful and unique dried flowers 'To be beside the seaside collection’, and what inspired its creation.
As many of you lovely people know, we are based in Dorset, and the Hooper family have lived  here for a very long time. As with many areas of the United Kingdom there is some of the most gorgeous scenery and fauna all around us, and huge bold contrasts within that; from green rolling hills to cliffs, huge forests to marshland and sand dunes to beaches with matching boldness of colour, scents and highlights to match: we wanted to bring some of this beauty to you.
For our ‘To be beside the seaside collection’ shoot we headed off to the beautiful Hengistbury Head in Dorset, which we can’t quite believe is right on our doorstep! It was the perfect location with its sandy beaches, pretty beach huts and glorious sea. We may have gone on the hottest day of the year so far however the sun was definitely shining perfectly for us.  

Our newest baked blossoms collection is inspired by the Dorset seascape of sandy beaches, stunning dunes, pastel beach huts and the tranquil sea bringing all the vibrant, calming and beautiful colours into your home, through eight new designs. Here is a little description of the thought and inspiration behind each one.

The Tropical Crush Dried Flower Bunch. This gorgeous bunch reflects idyllic trips to the seaside, ice creams with the warming sun glowing down on your face. It is packed full of stunning vibrant colours of yellow, orange and bright pinks to bring you happiness in a vase.  It includes floaty oats, structural caps, gorgeous plumes and bold thistles, making it a simply stunning bunch for you to enjoy! 

The Sunshine Scoop Dried Flower Bunch. This gorgeous bunch reflects summer picnics by the sea, eating raspberry ice cream with the backdrop of seaside florals. It is packed full of stunning pastel and vibrant colours of pink, lilac and green to bring you happiness in a vase.  It includes pastel statice, phalaris grasses, bunny tails and calming lavender making it a simply stunning bunch!  

The Pastel Paddle Dried Flower Bunch. This beautiful bunch reflects golden hour by the sea with warm sand, golden calm and gentle breezes. It is packed full of stunning pastel colours of yellow, peach and pale pink to bring you wonderful calm sunshine to your home!  It includes majestic plumes of pink and naturals, wheat and floaty phalaris in gentle colours, making it a simply perfect bunch of calm happiness! 

The Boardwalk Sands Dried Flower Bunch. This truly fantastic bunch reflects the natural gorgeousness of the beautiful grasses by the sea and the feeling the sand between your toes as you take an evening stroll. It is packed full of amazing natural colours and textures.  It includes natural wheats, stunning cones, beautiful natural broom and whimsical fennel together with so much more. 

The Peach Dunes Dried Flower Bunch. This amazing bunch reflects ambling through the sand dunes in bare toes…. It is packed full of peach, pink and natural hues and includes whimsical wild fennel, dainty statice and a touch of delicate lavender, making it a super unique and beautiful bunch!  

The Coastal Meadows Dried Flower Bunch. This gorgeous bunch reflects sauntering through the flowers that grow near the sea with a gentle breeze rustling in the grasses nearby…. It is packed full of gentle pastel colours of yellow, lilac with a touch of green to bring you happiness in a vase.  It includes several types of gorgeous statice, structured ruscus and protea, making it a simply fantastic bunch!

The Surf The Wave Dried Flower Bunch. This fabulous bunch reflects the breaking of the waves onto the sand and the rippling of the water as you paddle. It is packed full of sensational marine colours to bring happiness to your home.  It includes structural whimsical eryngium, nigella, floaty phalaris and spectacular protea, making it a simply stunning bunch!  

The Rockpool Reef Dried Flower Bunch. This fantastic bunch reflects rock pooling fun, calmly drifting seaweed and translucent blue sea-water. It is packed full of rich marine colours of blues, greens and lilacs and is simply beautiful!  It includes whimsical fennel, nigella, amazing structural caps and lavender, and is simply stunning!  


Each bouquet is made bespoke by hand in our Happy Blossoms studio so they will each differ slightly from the photos which makes them truly unique! All of the eight designs come in three sizes, small, medium and large: the pictures featured in this blog are all medium size bunches.  Baby bunches (with a cute little vase) are available in three designs: the Surf the Wave, the Pastel Paddle and the Peaches Dunes.

We hope you love them as much as we love bringing them to you. Every THB baked blossom bunch is made individually with love and care just for you by one of our professional florists in our barn in Dorset. They are technically and composition checked to ensure that they are the most beautiful design you could have and we are very proud that we take our time and care over each one to ensure they are perfect before sending them out in our gorgeous bespoke boxes with handwritten messages.

We hope you enjoy these very special bunches.

The Happy Blossoms Team x  

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