We are passionate about spreading joy and happy-ness in a sustainable way. Protecting the environment has always been our priority and very close to our hearts and therefore we put the environment first when making decisions about our business. We proudly pledge 5% of our profits to conservation charities in the UK and are extremely proud to be a climate positive workforce which means that the carbon footprint of all our employees is more than offset by us funding climate change solutions.

Our packaging is all recyclable or compostable, with our boxes being produced in our neighbouring county Devon with a company who are ISO certified and FSC® certified too with a chain of custody certificate which means that our boxes come from a well-managed and sustainable forest which protects the environment. 

Our product ranges are all designed with the environment at the forefront of our mind. Our dried flower range of baked blossoms last up to a year which make them a brilliant sustainable floral decoration for any interior space that will keep on spreading joy.

Our fresh flower offering features just one carefully designed bouquet by our Creative Director that changes each week with the seasons. Using the most seasonal flowers and having just one bunch means we have little to no waste. We dry any flowers that we have left so that they can then be repurposed as dried flowers for our baked blossom designs.

 We purchase both our fresh + dried flowers flowers from just two British companies who we have long-standing relationships with, and that we know personally. Our main dried flower supplier works with some of the original producers within the industry, all of whom have 30+ years’ experience of working with dried flowers in the most sustainable way.

 We have collaborated on products with other small businesses who are passionate about the environment too. Our beautiful vegan sweatshirts are locally embroidered in Dorset and made with organically grown premium brushed cotton. Our candles are all sustainable soy wax, essential oils and hand-poured in London.

We are continuously striving as a business to find further ways to support our environment and make a positive impact.