Fresh Flower Care

How to care for your fresh flowers

1.  Clean your chosen vase thoroughly and fill it to two-thirds full of cold tap water. The cleaner your vase is, the lower the level of bacteria will be that can shorten the vase life of your blooms.

2.  Empty the flower food provided into your clean vase. Flower food contains all the nutrients that your blooms need and has been shown to increase vase-life by up to 60%

3.  Remove flowers from cardboard box with plastic liner / eco-fresh wrap

4.  Cut off plastic liner over sink and empty the water / take off eco-fresh wrap.

5  Remove any leaves from the flowers that will fall below the waterline. Leaves decay very fast in water and decaying leaves can create plant bacteria which will decrease the vase life of your flowers. 

6  Cut all stems by 2- 3cm at a 45 degree angle with a pair of sharp scissors leaving string attached ( repeat every few days). Stems will start to decay and brown over and this will stop water intake, so recutting your stems is very important. Flowers such as roses can cover over their stems very quickly after cutting (as quick as 30 seconds) so it is very important that you get your flowers into water as soon as possible. 

7 Place flowers straight into the water with string still tied into your chosen vase. 

8 IMPORTANT: Keep flowers away from direct sunlight and all heat sources such as on a windowsill or by a radiator, keeping flowers away from draughts and fresh fruit.  This will increase the life of your flowers.

9 Change the water in your vase every 1-2 days and recut the stems by 1- 2 cm each time to enhance vase life. When the water starts to become discoloured, change it. Add more plant food when you do this. 

10 When a flower begins to wilt and look sad, immediately remove it from the bouquet. Your flowers will naturally bloom and wilt at different times. Wilted flowers do not look nice and can spread Botrytis (grey mould) to other flowers.

11 Always clean your vase between uses to discourage bacterial growth

12 Enjoy your flowers!!