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Here's everything you need to know about our 2021 winter dried flower collection ‘Between the Stars’, inspired by all things galactic. 

There are seven designs in this collection, all available in sizes small, medium and large. Three of the designs (Glowing Aurora, Celestial Petals and Lunar Skies) are available in baby size. We've gone bright and bold with the designs of the bunches and used some exciting new ingredients such as dried hydrangeas and gypsophila. 

Ultraviolet Eclipse
A bright and vibrant bunch, inspired by a beautiful shooting star sweeping through the night sky. This bunch is designed to bring energetic colour into your life on a rainy day. Bursting with texture, it features a mix of dried flowers and grasses including floaty oats and dried orange fern.  

Mystic Nova 
A captivating and whimsical bunch, inspired by beautiful stars and colourful skies. It’s packed full of pretty flower clouds, bright cape blooms and a variety of dried grasses. An ideal bunch for lovers of pastel and pink tones. 

Glowing Aurora 
A unique bunch that represents the beauty of the Northern Lights in the night sky. This bunch combines fun with style and is perfect if you’re looking for something ‘out of this world’ to decorate your home or give as a gift. This bunch features beautiful silver painted dried grass, pictured here in our Bella Vase. Also available in baby size! 

Solar Flare 
One of the brightest bunches in the collection, inspired by the glowing warmth of the sun. This bunch is full of variety and texture and features fluffy bunny tails and delicate statice. The medium and large bunches showcase a beautiful orange hydrangea as the statement flower. They're the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your home or to brighten up a loved ones day. 

Saturn Stardust
Features the softest colours in this collection and is perfect for making a statement. The yellow bunny tails and phalaris give this bunch a warm glow, balanced by neutral tones making it very versatile for styling in your home or workplace.

Celestial Petals 
A bright and cheery bunch featuring bold peach, yellow and pink tones. This is a real statement design and will bring brightness to any room. This bunch features leafy ruscus and bright pink gypsophila amongst a variety of dried flowers and grasses. Also available in baby size! 

Lunar Skies 
The most neutral bunch of this collection, inspired by the glow of the moon on a winters night. This bunch is packed full of alluring dried honesty, nigella and fennel creating texture and depth. A special gift for a loved one or yourself. Pictured here in the Tall Bella Vase. Also available in baby size! 

We hope these bold and funky bunches have brightened up your day! We'd love to hear what your favourite bunch from the collection is. 

Thank you as always for your continued support! 

THB Team x 



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