Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

In need of an answer about our products?

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Where do you deliver to? 

At the moment we are able to deliver nationwide in the UK (including the Channel Islands and NI). We are looking to expand this for the future, so watch this space! 

How much is postage? 

Our standard nationwide post is £3.95.

I’d like to order two bunches going to two different addresses, what's the best way to order? 

The best thing to do would be to make two separate orders as our site can’t process two separate shipping addresses. 

How will I know when my order has been dispatched? 

Once your order is on its way from The Happy Blossoms HQ, you will receive a dispatch email from us. 

How can I track my order? 

Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email from us which will detail your tracking number and a link to track the journey of your new Baked Blooms.

Do you do wedding flowers? 

We recently launched our dried Baked Blossom wedding flower range 'Blossom With Me'. Please refer to our wedding flower FAQ blog post for more information. 


Baked Blossoms FAQ

If you have a question about our Baked Blossoms, our below FAQ will be able to help you with some of the most common questions we receive...

How long will the stems be when they arrive in the box? 

All stems in the box will be roughly 45- 50cm when they arrive, but you can cut them down to fit your chosen vase. 

Can I choose what stems are chosen? 

Unfortunately, at the moment we are unable to make bespoke orders, only the designs on the website are available. 

Will the mailbox contain a receipt, as I am buying this as a gift? 

No, we don’t pop your receipt in any of our products, your order confirmation and receipt is provided on email or text. You will also receive a dispatch confirmation when your order is dispatched. 

How do I gage how big/small the sizes are for the designs? 

All the bunches on the website have photos to show the size of each bunch. Our most popular size is the medium bunch. Our small bunch features less stems and our large bunches feature more stems and are much fuller. The height is similar for the different sizes. We weigh each bunch before they leave the studio so even though every bunch is unique, they contain the same weight in flowers!

How will the Baked Blossom Bunch be delivered? 

Your Baked Blossoms bunch will be tucked up safely in one of our bespoke branded boxes. 

How will the recipient know what to do with the stems?

Each Baked Blossom bunch arrives with a dried flower care card and message card if requested. 

How long will my Baked Blossoms last? 

We advise that they last up to a year, however they can last for longer if cared for as detailed on the dried flower care card included. 

What kind of vases suit the Baked Blossoms best? 

We would advise a vase depending on the size of the bunch. The bunches photographed are in the following dimension of vases: small (11.5cm x 18cm), medium (14cm x 24cm) and large (16cm x 24cm). You can cut each down to any kind of vessel or vase you choose! 

The height from the tie point to the bottom of the bouquet is roughly 25-30 cm.

Are the Baked Blossoms dried flowers or faux/artificial flowers? 

The Baked Blossoms are created from dried stems that are either naturally colourful or neutral or have been enhanced by dyes and paints. 

Do you stock vases as in the pictures? 

Yes we do :) Shop Vases HERE!

Do I need to cut the string holding the bunch together? 

No, you don’t as this holds together the design that our Florists have created for you but you can if you wish, the choice is yours,

Is it ok for the Baked Blossoms to be around children and animals? 

We would always advise to keep the Baked Blossoms and all flowers away from pets and children (if anything we know cats love to play with them, ours definitely does!) to be on the safe side. 

Do the Baked Blossoms smell? 

The bunches that feature lavender, have the soft and relaxing scent of lavender.


Christmas FAQ

Will my Baked Blossoms keep until Christmas?

Yes your Baked Blossoms will keep until Christmas, just keep them stored in their box in a dry place away from any draughts. Our Baked Blossoms last up to a year as long as they are cared for.

Can I specify a date for delivery for Christmas Baked Blossoms?

If you would like your Baked Blossoms order delivered closer to Christmas then please do pop this in the order notes at checkout.

Do you do gift messages?

Yes we do! Every single product has space for you to write a gift message at checkout. We hand write each gift message on a festive card for Christmas, with no extra charge which is popped into the order.

Can I send orders to different addresses?

If you’re wanting to send to different addresses they do need to be separate orders as there is only one space for one shipping address at checkout.

Can you purchase the place settings individually?

Yes! They are £7.50 individually, we then do sets of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. Perfect for your Christmas table.

When is the best time to order for Christmas?

We would recommend ordering as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! The beauty of Baked Blossoms is that they will be just as beautiful on Christmas Day as they are now. Just keep them stored in their boxes in a dry place ready for Christmas, or just simply pop in the order notes the date you would like them delivered closest to.

Are the Baked Blossoms wreaths suitable for hanging outdoors?

We recommend keeping our Baked Blossom wreaths inside for longevity but if you'd like to keep them outside, keep them away from the elements, for example in a porch.

What sizes are the Christmas Baked Blossoms available in?

All our Christmas Baked Blossoms are available in sizes, baby, small, medium and large. 

Do you include the receipt in the order?

No, we don’t include your receipt in any of your orders, your order confirmation and receipt is provided to you via email or text. You will also receive a dispatch confirmation when your order has been dispatched.

If I am sending it as a gift, how will the recipient know what to do with the flowers?

Each product will arrive with a care card, with Baked or Fresh Blossoms.

How do I know what to do when my DIY Kit arrives?

With any DIY Kit you will receive instructions within your order, to create your beautiful creations!

When will my Dried Wreath Kit be dispatched?

Dried Wreath kits will be dispatched within 1-2 weeks. 

Are the HIP Chocolate Bars Vegan Friendly?

Yes they are Vegan friendly, and delicious!

How do I keep my Fresh Wreath or Garland fresh for as long as possible?

To keep your wreath or garland looking as fresh as possible make sure to spritz the pine on the front and on the back.

If you have any other queries then do get in touch...