Dried Flowers The History

Dried Flowers have been around for thousands of years. They were a big trend in the 70s and have made another big come back in the last couple of years. You can't scroll through instagram without spotting a bunch! Their quirky and intriguing aesthetic often sparks questions, so we're going to delve into the wonderful world of Dried Flowers to find out more. 

What are dried flowers?

Dried Flowers are real flowers that have been through a process to dry and preserve them. There are different techniques for drying flowers, three of the main way to dry flowers are:

Air Drying - Dry out your flowers by hanging them upside down in a warm and dry place for 1-2 weeks until your flowers feel dry to touch.

Desiccant drying - Drying your flowers by placing the flowers within silica gel. 

Microwave Drying - Drying your flowers in the microwave.

  Baked Blossoms ™ are our insta famous dried flower bunches and our spin on Dried Flowers. They are made up of flowers which have been dried and then painted or dyed or are natural in colour. We then bring our different ingredients together to create colourful & joyful Dried Flower bouquets. Our Baked Blossom bunches are designed and made by our in-house florists at The Happy Blossoms HQ, so each bunch is truly unique. 

Are dried flowers sustainable/eco friendly? 

Dried Flowers can be a more sustainable option compared to fresh flowers due to the fact that they last longer. We have trusted suppliers and try to use water based dyes and paints as much as possible. We are, like most people, very concerned with our environmental footprint, and therefore we use recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging, and are continuously striving to reduce our impact.

Will dried flowers last forever? 
Dried Flowers will last up to a year or even longer if cared for, especially if they're kept away from direct sunlight and changing temperatures and humidity.

Will dried flowers go mouldy? 
 Dried flowers can go mouldy if they are kept in a damp or humid space without an airflow. If the dried flowers need to be stored in a box then it's best to ensure the box is kept ajar to let air circulate. Dried flowers that have been dyed are more likely to fade if they are kept in direct sunlight. 

Why are dried flowers popular? 
We think dried flowers are mainly popular because of their longevity and choice of colours. Dried flowers are so versatile and are perfect for styling into a range of different vases around your home to easily add colour and texture to a room. See one of our bunches styled here

Which dried flowers smell good? 
Lavender and Eucalyptus leaves have a gorgeous scent when they are dried. 

How are dried flowers made? 

The flowers are grown and harvested. Then the flowers are prepped and hung upside down in bunches to air dry. After this, some Dried Flowers are either dyed or dipped in paint which turns them into the vibrant flowers used in our Baked Blossom bunches. 

Above photo by Lamboo Dried & Deco.


Can dried flowers give you hay fever? 
Good news- dried flowers are less likely to trigger hay fever because there's no pollen! 

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