Here at The Happy Blossoms we wanted to answer some of your burning questions regarding our Baked Blossoms, provide you with a bit more of an insight and also any helpful information we have regarding our ever popular Baked Blossoms. 

We thought it would be good if we started with some of our more general frequently asked questions regarding our Baked Blossoms: 

Do you do Bespoke Orders? 

Unfortunately at this moment in time we are unable to make Bespoke Orders. Only the designs on the website are available. However never say never, this could be something we may do in the future! 

How will my Baked Blossom Bunch be delivered? 

Your Baked Blossoms Bunch will be tucked up safely in one of our bespoke branded boxes all tied in place and ready for its journey to their forever home! 

We're proud to also say that our packaging boxes and tape are also 100% recyclable and plastic free :-)

Are the Baked Blossoms dried flowers or faux/ artificial flowers? 

Our Baked Blossom bunches feature a mixture of dried and preserved flowers that are either naturally colourful or neutral or have been enhanced by dyes and paints. Which means we can create the colourful bunches we know and love at The Happy Blossoms! 

Do I need to cut the string holding the bunch together? 

The choice is yours, however we do advise to keep the string in place rather than cutting it as this holds together the design that our florists have lovingly created for you.

Is it ok for my Baked Blossoms to be around children and animals? 

We would always advise to keep the Baked Blossoms and all flowers away from pets and children to be on the safe side, we wouldn’t want your beautiful bunch being your pets new toy. 

Do the Baked Blossoms smell? 

Dried flowers do have a natural scent which can be slightly straw like as they are a natural product, but due to the nature of them, this is how they are. Bunches that feature lavender (for example “The All You Need Is Love” Bunch) have the soft and relaxing scent of lavender… dreamy! 


Are all your Baked Blossoms made to order? 

Each bouquet is made bespoke by hand in our Happy Blossoms studio so they will each differ slightly from the photo which makes them truly unique! That is what we love so much about them. 

Quite a few of our questions we get asked are regarding the sizing of our Baked Blossoms! You do want to purchase the right size after all, so we are here to help of course: 

How long are the stems for the different sizes of Baked Blossoms? 

The stems for each Baked Blossom small - large in the box will be roughly 45- 50cm when they arrive, but you can of course cut the stems down to fit your chosen vase.

Our baby Baked Blossoms are 25-30cm tall and come with an adorable baby milk bottle vase to house this cute bunch! 


How do I gage how big/small the sizes are for the designs? 

All our bunches on the website have photos to show the size of each bunch. Our baby bunches feature the least amount of stems and our large bunches feature the most and are therefore much fuller. The height for each bunch is very similar between 40-50cm. We weigh each bunch before they leave the studio so even though every bunch is unique, they contain the same weight in flowers. 

Which size bunch is most popular? 

Our most popular size is the medium bunch a great in-between! 


Of course the caring of our Baked Blossoms is a huge factor when your beautiful bunches arrive and we wanted to make sure your questions were answered: 

How will the recipient know what to do with the stems? 

Each Baked Blossom Bunch arrives with a dried flower care card and of course a personalised message card if requested, these add a lovely personal touch to your bunch! 

How long will my Baked Blossoms last? 

We advise that they last up to a year, however they can last for longer if cared for as detailed on the dried flower care card included. 

Do I need to do anything to my Baked Blossoms when they arrive? 

We do suggest that as soon as you receive them, to unpack them gently, fan them out, give them a “zhoosh” and pop them into your chosen vessel as they are packed tightly to protect them on their journey. 

Can I keep my bouquet in the box? 

Our Baked Blossoms will remain protected in the box, however we do suggest removing the bunch as soon as possible as if they are led down for too long then they will start to flatten and will just require a bit of “zhooshing” once removed.



We really hope this insight into our Baked Blossoms has helped. We love our Baked Blossoms and the fact every bunch is unique is really special.  Of course if you do have any further questions please do get in touch, we would love to help and we do love a chat so please don’t be shy :) 

Love THB x

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